About our company

Chilliwack Irrigation has been serving the Chilliwack area since 2011 with Design, Installation & Servicing of Sprinkler and Dripline systems for residential and commercial properties. We look forward to working with home owners, stratas, and local builders. We can install systems into existing grassed and planted yards with minimal disturbance to your property with our various trenchless technology equipment.

We install nothing but the best products from the worlds best brands like RainBird, Hunter and Netafim to name a few. With water saving products such as Rain sensors that automatically shut your system down when raining, WiFi enabled controllers and efficient sprinkler nozzles that reduce water usage usually come standard on every system, everyone wins.

Automated irrigation systems are one of the best investments for your home or business. Enjoy lush green grass and healthy planting year round with no hassle of manually watering. Tired of dragging that hose around? Don’t worry about forgetting to turn on… or off the hose. We will program a precise schedule for your lawn and garden.
Take care of your healthy beautiful landscape. Give the areas of your lawn and gardens the attention they need to survive the hot summers.

Chilliwack Irrigation stands behind our product and offers servicing after installation which can include spring startups, repairs or dry spots and winterization blowout shut downs in the fall. We also include full warranties on the products we install.

John Marsden, owner and operator has been installing irrigation systems for over 20 years. The pop-up design of our sprinkler systems retracts into the ground and out of sight when not operating.

Professionally installed automated landscape lighting systems are also available. Save money by combining landscape lighting with irrigation. Love your outdoors all year round and bring life back into your yard, especially during the dark months. Let Chilliwack Irrigation light up your nights with professional design and installation of outdoor landscape lighting. We create a dramatic effect to showcase large feature trees, lighting pathways or your summertime annuals, ponds and other yard features.